Gateway is a lively six-level series for children between the ages of six and twelve. It has a clear functional and grammatical syllabus that provides students with a framework within which to learn real-world English. Its gradual progression enables the students to build confidence in the four language skills and fosters thinking and reflection. It combines language and skills training with links to other areas of the curriculum, such as math, science and civic and moral values.

Gateway takes students from CEF A1 to an early B1 level. At the higher level of the series, there is an emphasis on writing and ESOL-oriented skills.

  • Offers a perfect balance of the four language skills.
  • Helps create a fun learning environment.
  • Lively and functional with a balanced grammar approach.
  • Enables students to think, reflect and react in English accurately and naturally.
  • Builds critical thinking skills in relation to the real world surrounding learners.
  • Facilitates effective long-term memory and  the learning of real-world English.
  • Builds a positive, self-confident attitude & creativity.
  • Combines language and skills training with links to other areas of the curriculum including  Gateway to Math and Gateway to Values, which helps students to understand moral and societal duties.
  • Gradual progression builds student confidence in the four language skills and fosters thinking and reflection.
  • Group activities encourage student teamwork and cooperation.
  • Carefully chosen age-appropriate topics and fun characters at each level reflect interests of students.
  • Encourages students to notice grammatical and lexical patterns
  • Students are encouraged to reflect on what they can do rather than being formally tested to find out what they can’t.
  • Gateway includes a wide range of songs, poems, stories and magazine-style texts.
  • Activities tap into students’ first language interests and knowledge.
  • Tasks linked to songs and texts are challenging but achievable.
  • Every unit contains games to practice oral skills and develop fluency.
  • Playing these games allows students to become confident playing games in English.
  • Is designed to teach language as well as providing a non-linguistic challenge.
  • Encourages students to develop different learning styles and skills.
  • Has a focus designed to motivate students whose language skills may be less developed.
  • Employs learning styles that allow students to develop logic and lateral thinking skills.

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